THE 1980s

We produced 3 catalogues per year. They had up to 200 pages and each page displayed from 30 to 35 listings, depending on the number of photos included. Inside was printed in sepia colour and they were distributed to members only.

Lucien CatalogueIt was a huge work to collect, type, lay out all the information regarding each offer that eventual competitors were discouraged to start.

At that time, we still ignored that an electronic era will bring a total revolution in our habits. Members started to prepare their holidays in December for the following year. The communication between members took much longer and was essentially based on postal exchanges of letters and photos and some eventual phone calls.

But it worked perfectly and Intervac services expanded progressively to thousands of families spread out in more and more countries. Today, we are happy to see that we still keep an important number of them for the third generation, born and home exchanging with the spirit of Intervac!

Lucien Mazik

Honorary President of Intervac International

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