Our member reference system

Our Member Reference System awards badges – Trial, Ready-to-go, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – based on the number of confirmed exchanges a family has made. These badges serve as a testament to a member’s reliability and commitment to the Intervac community. Displayed prominently on each member’s listing, these badges offer reassurance to potential exchange partners, signaling their experience and trustworthiness.

But we don’t stop there. After returning home from a vacation, members have the opportunity to act as references for their exchange partners. These references, complete with feedback from previous exchange partners, further enhance the credibility of each member’s listing. Think of it as a virtual passport, stamped with endorsements from fellow travelers, validating the integrity of the exchange experience.



Act as a reference

After a member return home from their vacation they may choose to act as a reference for their exchange partner. These references are listed and may display feedback written by previous exchange partners on each member’s listing page. This icon on a listing shows when a member have references. If you have questions about a member, you should feel free to contact their references to ask how the exchange worked out and if they were satisfied. Yes, there is trust involved in swapping homes, but with Intervac, you can also verify.

Become the next Intervac Ambassador

We are always looking for experienced members interested in helping us spread the word about Intervac and home exchange. If you are an experienced Intervac member and would like to help us spread the word about Intervac and home exchange, we invite you to become an ambassador.

What is an Intervac Ambassador supposed to do?

We expect each Ambassador to:

Send exchange stories that we can share on our blog, newsletter, and social media

Tell their friends about Intervac

Answer questions from new members

Be available for interviews by journalists in your country

Are there any benefits?

Yes! First of all, you get 3 months free on your membership when you become an Ambassador. Secondly, you get the special ambassador badge on your listing.


Become the next Intervac Ambassador

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