Celebrating 70 Years of Intervac Home Exchange: A Heartwarming Journey in Bad Liebenzell, Germany

July 08, 2023

Dear Intervac family,

Guess what? We did it! We hit the big seven-zero—the 70th anniversary of Intervac Home Exchange! And boy, oh boy, did we celebrate in style! Bad Liebenzell in Germany became our place, and what a party it was! We gathered from all corners of the globe, ready to share stories, make memories, and dance like nobody’s watching!

Now, let me tell you, we kicked off the festivities with a bang! The moment we all met, it was like a family reunion, only with more suitcases and even more epic tales to tell. From the moment we arrived, we knew this was going to be an unforgettable celebration.

Picture this: the sun shining bright, the breeze whispering through the trees, and all of us, the Intervac agents, hugging each other like long-lost friends on our first dinner. And you know what? We might be coworkers, but there we were, a big family. We were all ready to let the adventure start!

Speaking of adventures, we swapped more than just homes; we swapped stories—oh, the stories! Each one crazier than the last! in this 70th years we had members who accidentally forget the exchange house key in their country, old Intervac meetings that they always finished with our agents singing Wild Rover… and all of them discovered hidden gems in the most unexpected places, thanks to Intervac.

Nights in Bad Liebenzell were filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. We had dinners that were out of this world—so many delicious dishes, and we even try to play minigolf at night!  (spoiler alert: it wasn’t open, of course).

Now, let’s talk about the dance floor. We may be travel experts, but we discovered some hidden talents as dancers too. Picture this: us, the Intervac crew, doing the belly dance, and some tradicional dances of around the world. We laughed at our own two left feet and stumbled through the steps, but you know what? We had a blast, and that’s what truly matters!

Amidst all the fun and laughter, something magical happened. We became an even tighter-knit team, a family bound by the love of travel home exchanging and the adventures that come with it. We realized that Intervac is not just about exchanging homes; it’s about exchanging experiences, laughter, and heartfelt connections.

As the days flew by like our flights home, there was a bittersweet feeling in the air. We didn’t want this celebration to end, but deep down, we knew that the spirit of Intervac would carry us through until our next rendezvous. We hugged, and promised to keep in touch (and not only for work!)

And now, as we disperse across the globe once again, we do so with hearts full of joy and memories that will keep us smiling for years to come. We may not know where our next adventure will take us, but we do know that wherever we go, the Intervac family will be there—laughing, dancing, and sharing stories that make the world feel just a little smaller.

To all the incredible agents and members who made this 70th anniversary celebration one for the books—thank you! Thank you for being part of the Intervac journey and for making it a wild, hilarious, and heartwarming ride.

Here’s to many more years of home exchanging, laughter, and memories that will make us go “Remember that time in Bad Liebenzell?”

Until we meet again on the road..keep home exchanging, keep exploring, keep laughing, and keep living life to the fullest!


With lots of love and endless adventures,

The Intervac family.




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  1. Fantastic to see al the festivities. I hope to join you some time in the future. x Fiona

    Fiona Ryan – AU08039

    Intervac Australian Territory Representative