From Provence to Mojacar

Miguel, Margaret his wife, and we are all experienced exchangers. I know Intervac since 1988 and made nearly 40 swaps since…
As we are retired now, we make more exchanges than when we worked: we can travel all year round. We don’t live anymore in Paris but in Provence. In a big house + garden and pool.
Miguel and Margaret did not plan at all to come to France, I saw their preferences on their listing but dared contact them. I wanted to swim a little and chose to go to Mojacar, in Andalucia, which looked a nice destination.

As he was an archeologist,I sent him infos on the archeologic sites of our region.
they wanted to spend at least 3 weeks in our home, we prefered a little less, but they suggested we could also go their main home, in Sevilla. We accepted their proposal, with enthousiasm
We welcomed them the day of their arrival, my husband has prepared a nice dinner. We spent the evening talking, it’s always nice to know better your exchangers than just leave keys to perfect strangers.
We left the following morning to drive to Spain (our house is divided in 2 independent flats)
As we faced a grey and rainy weather in their summer home in Mojacar, as we told them that on our way to Sevilla, we would visit Ronda, where Miguel was born, he was kind enough to call his brother who runs an hotel in that town. As they felt miserable for the rain, we were invited for free in the hotel in Ronda. How nice.

We met Miguel’s family in Ronda and also in Seville: on the day of our arrival, their eldest daughter welcomed us in the house, offered red wine to drink and jamon iberico.
On our side, we gave his daughter who was going the following day to Paris, some infos about nice bars and restaurants we knew. Their Seville home was perfect, in a nice and quiet burrough, in the center, but not too surrounded by tourists.
We kept in touch during our trip (they sent us news about our cat) and all of us were pleased to have known new friends : they’ve decided to learn french !!
Carine Lenfant Valère, France



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