Swap between France and Belgium during Covid-19

Summer exchange, late July/ early August 2020, with Huguette et Albert Lemort (BE065)

Actually our exchange prospects started very early, as early as the autumn of 2019 and the exchange was to take place in the summer of 2020. Of course it was shaken by the coronavirus pandemic and by June 2020 we still didn’t know whether it would be possible.

With Huguette and Albert, who have become our « Belgian Friends » since then, we have very regularly shared some news from home as well as our personal experience of the lockdown both in France and Belgium.



When we finally met them for the exchange of keys, they came along with armloads of delicious local produce and we felt we already had



known them for a long time. It was like seeing old friends again while chatting eagerly.



This stay in Belgium was particularly enjoyable, not just because of the beautiful house and huge garden, but because after the lockdown we could enjoy some freedom again, though partially.


Moreover I like cooking special dishes from other countries and we have exchanged some culinary mails. Thanks to Huguette the « boulets liégeois » (meat balls typical of Liège) are now part of our favourite traditional recipes.

Last but not least, what I find extraordinary about it, is going on sending news. The coronavirus crisis is far from over but it is easier to live when you share it with friends beyond the national borders and I say to myself, that’s also what INTERVAC is about : friends with whom we come together to share a common destiny.

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