Paolo Vallarano’s home exchange story

Summer 2020 during COVID-19

We have exchanged for several years with our children and even my wife’s mom at times. Then we stopped, and this was the first trade in at least 6 or 7 years. My wife and I alone, joined by a friend for a few days.

It was very pleasant. The center of Nice, where the house we exchanged with is located, is delightful.

The house was small and comfortable, functionally furnished and aesthetically pleasing.

It is always exciting to enter a little bit into people’s lives, through books, furniture, personal items, food, which in some way represent them and make the stay richer in stimuli and less anonymous than a hotel or a place in any case intended. only to host others. This is an element that has always made all exchanges special.

The possibility of exploring the city and its surroundings both physically and gastronomically was very interesting. Even a trivial activity such as shopping becomes an opportunity for discovery. The Côte d’Azur is very beautiful, and also the interior, which alternates tourist and non-tourist places.

A way of traveling that is truly emotional and economically lighter than others, I recommend it to all those who do not feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​someone sleeping in their bed or eating on their plate ..

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