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Share Intervac with a friend

Now when you share Intervac with your friends and family, you both get 1 month for FREE! As we like to put it… we are all richer when we share 🙂

And yes, that is 1 extra month for you AND 1 extra month for your friend.

The e-mail I use in my Intervac account
The e-mail my friend will register his Intervac account with
Roughly how old is your firend?

You should submit your application before your friend becomes a paid member. The extra months will be added when your friend registers for a paid membership. This is valid for paid memberships of any length.

This offer is valid for up to 12 friends. So if you share Intervac with 12 friends you’ll get a full year for free!


Home is your world… the world is your home

If your home is your world… share your world!
Sharing friendship helps you grow
Sharing journeys makes you happy
Sharing experiences makes you sensitive
Sharing culture warms your heart

Live like a local, in an affordable and sustainable way.

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