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France & Dagmar

A friendship story

Once upon a time there were two ladies. They were both INTERVAC members. One, her name is France, lived in Kehl, the other, Dagmar, in Berlin.  One day France asked Dagmar if she was interested in
an exchange.  

Since Dagmar and her partner love travelling she agreed right away. At the same  time she found out that France had two daughters. The youngest, Claire, wanted to move to Berlin. She had just finished her
studies. She was looking for a job as medical doctor and needed a place to live. Now it happened that a friend of a friend of Dagmar had an apartment that was available. And sure enough Claire got the apartment. Not only was it newly renovated and affordable but also in a beautiful neighborhood in the center of the city. How fortunate she was and how happy!

Meanwhile France and Dagmar became good friends…and this is not the end of the story!

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